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waterfall by Radiant Records is your one stop for streaming music from Radiant Records, from brand new Neal Morse Band albums all the way back to Neal-Era Spock's Beard!

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A Note From Neal

OK, here’s the deal with waterfall. About a year or so ago, I was sitting in my recliner listening to some music on my phone through my living room sound system when my phone rang. I answered and the music stopped. When I finished the conversation and hung up, the music started again and I turned it up. Then my wife asked me a question so I turned it up really loud…no, I’m kidding…so I turned it down, spoke to her, and then cranked it up again, all from my recliner! Then I switched from one album to the next and could fast forward or pause or whatever, and the sound quality was perfect. I thought, “This is great!”

I know some of you are thinking, “Neal, we’ve been doing this for years!” Well, I know I’m REALLY late to this party, but I wanted to provide the same kind of experience for you all. So, I started talking to people about it and after a while an amazing team of brilliant technical magicians has actually made this happen.

And now we're here, it's finally launching, and I’m really enjoying it! Driving my wife nuts! We already have so much music available here, and this is only the beginning! I am sure it will continue to change and grow. Like life, or maybe, a waterfall!

- Neal

Packed With Features

waterfall is a music streaming app. You probably know how it works already, but this one is packed to the brim with all your favorite Radiant Records music!

  • Rare and Out-of-Print Music

    The world-exclusive streaming home of the Radiant Records catalog, including rare live albums and out-of-print studio releases!

  • New Albums

    Stream new Radiant Records albums the day they are released, including Neal Morse's long-awaited progressive rock opera, Jesus Christ - The Exorcist

  • Neal's Mystery Box

    Exclusive music uploaded by Neal himself that you won't find anywhere else!

  • Support the Artists

    waterfall compensates its artists more than Spotify or Apple Music, so it's a great way to support Neal and all of the artists in the Radiant family.

  • Multi-Platform

    waterfall is available on all popular platforms: iOS, Android, and Windows. A web version will be available soon!

  • But Wait, There's More!

    waterfall is under active development, and new features are in the works!


All of this incredible music is currently available to stream on waterfall


Studio albums
  • The Grand Experiment (2015) - including bonus disc
  • The Similitude of a Dream (2016)
  • The Great Adventure (2019)

Live albums
  • Morsefest 2014 (2015)
  • Alive Again (2016)
  • Morsefest 2015 (2017)
  • The Similitude of a Dream: Live in Tilbury (2017)
  • Morsefest 2017 - Testimony of a Dream (2018)


Studio albums
  • SMPT:e (2000) - including bonus disc
  • Bridge Across Forever (2001) - including bonus disc
  • SMPT:e - The Roine Stolt Mixes (2003)
  • Whirlwind (2009) - including bonus disc
  • Kaleidoscope (2014) - including bonus disc

Live albums
  • Live in America (2001)
  • Live in Europe (2003)
  • Whirld Tour 2010: Live in London (2010)
  • More Never Is Enough: Live in Manchester (2011)
  • KaLIVEoscope (2014)


Studio albums
  • The Light (1995) - including bonus tracks
  • Beware of Darkness (1996) - including bonus tracks
  • The Kindness of Strangers (1998) - including bonus tracks
  • From The Vault (1998)
  • Day for Night (1999) - including bonus tracks
  • V (2000) - including bonus tracks
  • All On A Sunday - Single (2001)
  • Snow (2002) - including bonus tracks
  • The First Twenty Years (2015)

Live albums
  • Official Live Bootleg (1996)
  • Live at the Whisky and NEARfest (1999)
  • Don't Try This at Home (2000)
  • Don't Try This at Home Either (2000)
  • There and Here (2000)
  • Europe '98 (2010)
  • Snow Live (2017)


Studio albums
  • Flying Colors (2012)
  • Second Nature (2014)

Live albums
  • Live in Europe (2013)
  • Second Flight: Live at the Z7 (2015)


Studio albums
  • Neal Morse (1999)
  • Two Separate Gorillas - Nick 'n Neal Live (2000)
  • Merry Christmas from the Morse Family (2000)
  • It's Not Too Late (2002)
  • Testimony (2003) - including bonus disc
  • The Transatlantic Demos (2003)
  • One (2004) - including bonus disc
  • ? (2005)
  • Lead Me Lord (Worship Sessions Volume 1) (2005)
  • God Won't Give Up (2005)
  • Send the Fire (Worship Sessions Volume 2) (2006)
  • Sola Scriptura (2007)
  • Songs from the Highway (2007)
  • Sing It High (2007)
  • Lifeline (2008) - including bonus disc
  • Secret Place (Worship Sessions Volume 3) (2008)
  • The River (Worship Sessions Volume 4) (2009)
  • Mighty to Save (Worship Sessions Volume 5) (2010)
  • Testimony Two (2011) - including bonus disc
  • Momentum (2012)
  • Get in the Boat (2013)
  • Songs from November (2014)
  • To God Be the Glory (2016)
  • Life & Times (2018)
  • Jesus Christ - The Exorcist (2019)

Live albums
  • Cal Prog 2004 (2004)
  • ? Live (2007)
  • Cal Prog 2008 (2008)
  • So Many Roads: Live in Europe (2009)
  • Testimony 2: Live in Los Angeles (2011)
  • Live Momentum (2013)


  • Testimony - Audiobook (2011)


  • Cover to Cover (2006)
  • Cover 2 Cover (2012)


  • A Proggy Christmas (2012)


  • Light At The End of the Tunnel (1997)
  • On The Threshold of Eternity (2005)
  • This Good Place (2011)


  • In The Light of the King's Countenance (2003)
  • Action Reaction (2011)

"NEAL'S MYSTERY BOX," in which there will be rotating unheard things from the past, present and future - exclusive content only available to waterfall subscribers.

140+ hours of music spanning over 80 albums/1,000+ tracks on waterfall and growing! New stuff is coming in all the time!
All this amazing music literally at your fingertips.

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